FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

  • For the nocturnal visit should you book?
    No, you don't need any reservation unless it exceeds 25 people. Just show up at 22.30 to 23.00 at the Castle.
  • People who come to the castle will be granted the tour?
    Yes, if the groups are full (40 people) we'll make another after that.
  • The groups (over 25 people) must make a reservation?
    Yes, it is necessary to book. A phone call or an e-mail is encouraged to arrange your arrival time and avoid long waits.
  • All times are on the website?
    Of course! Our site is always updated. We are very precise with the times. Open and close exactly the time we've set.
  • The night tour is suitable for children?
    No, both the content and the time is not suitable for children. On the other hand, the daylight visit is suitable for all ages.
  • Where is Montebello?
    Region: Emilia Romagna. Province: Rimini. City: Torriana
    Rimini Nord motorway exit. Take direction Torriana 14 km. Once in Torriana continue for 3 km to Montebello.
  • Do you tell the story of Azzurrina in the afternoon?
    Of course! The story is told of Azzurrina in the same manner and with the same record both day and night.
  • Where should the bus park?
    There is a parking for coaches at the base of the castle. Visitors will walk part of the way on foot to reach the fortress.
  • Are dogs welcome?
    Yes, they are free to take the tour.